Football Spread Betting

ꦏFootball spread betting works by playing on a 'spread' or prediction on the number of things to happen in a match.

Step 1: Choose a spread market on a match. E.g. the 'spread' on Total Goals may be 2.8 - 3.
Step 2: Decide if you think the final outcome will be higher or lower than the spread.
Step 3: If higher (e.g. more than 3 goals) you would buy. If lower (fewer than 3 goals) you would sell.
Step 4:🌞 Your profit or loss depends on the difference between your buy or sell level and the final outcome, multiplied by your stake.

See more in our short video on football spread betting.

How to place a football spread bet

✱To place a football spread bet, look at the Spreadex prediction or spread on the market in question.

𒐪If you think the outcome will be higher than our price, then you would buy on the spread.

♕If you think the outcome will be lower than our price, then you would sell on the spread.

🀅The more right you are the more you can win, but the opposite is the case if you get it wrong, as you may lose more than your initial stake.

⛄Try out placing a football spread bet using our interactive spread betting calculator below:




In-play football betting

🔴In-play football bets allow you to open or close bets at any point after kick-off up until the final whistle meaning you can close out of your bets early either to take profits or to cut losses.

💜At Spreadex we offer in-play football betting on every Premier League game, regardless of whether the game is being shown live on television.

🐈If you’ve never placed football bets in-play before, simply visit the Spreadex site on your computer, tablet or phone when you are watching a live football match and watch as our prices change throughout the game.

💮If you disagree with a prediction made by our trader on a certain market at any time, then that signals your chance to place an in-play bet and back your judgement!

Football supremacy bets

🔯This is the predicted margin in goals, by which one team will beat another and the price, or spread, will indicate which team is being placed as favourite over the other.

𒆙For example Spreadex may quote Team A over Team B with a Supremacy price of 0.6 - 0.8. If Team A beats team B 4-1 the Supremacy price will make-up at 3 (4 – 1 = 3). So a £10 buy at 0.8 in this instance will result in a £22 profit ((3 – 0.8) x £10 = £22).

🌟However, the market can also have a negative make-up. So if Team B beats Team A 1-0, the Supremacy price will make-up at -1 (0 – 1 = -1). So the £10 buy at 0.8 would result in an £18 loss ((-1 – 0.8) x £10 = -£18).


Total Goals:๊ The total number of goals we think will be scored in a match.

Shirt Numbers:✨ The combined total of all the goalscorers’ shirt numbers in a match. 

First Match Goal:♔ The time, in minutes, of the first goal in a match (0-0 draw makes-up at 90).

Total Goal Minutes:♌ The combined total, in minutes, of all the goals scored in a game.

Last Match Goal:ꦦ The time, in minutes, of the last goal in a match (0-0 draw makes up at 0).

Player Goal Minutes:꧅ The combined total, in minutes, of goals scored by a named player in a match.



Total Points:🌼 The number of points a named team will achieve during an entire league season. For example, Spreadex may quote Manchester United’s Team Points at 76 - 77.5. Buy at 77.5 if you think United will end with 78 points or more. Sell at 76 if you think United will end with 75 points or fewer.

Championship Index:𝕴 We award Premier League teams points according to their final league position. The champions receive 60 points, 2nd = 40, 3rd = 20, 4th = 10, 5th = 5 points.

Relegation Index:🌊 We award teams points according to their final league position. Predict the points total a named team will achieve. The team that finishes last is awarded 50 points, 2nd bottom 25, and 3rd bottom 10.



Corners:🍨 A prediction on the total number of corners that will be taken in a match, by both teams. So if Team A takes 8 corners and Team B takes 5 corners the market will make-up at 13.

Multi-Corners:🌄 The number of corners taken (for both teams) in the first half, multiplied by the number of corners taken (for both teams) in the second half. 

Cross-Corners:💃 The total number of corners taken by one team, multiplied by the total number of corners taken by the other team. 

Corners Squared:෴ The total number of corners taken in a match, squared. E.g. if there were 12 corners taken in total in a match, this market would make-up at 144 (12 x 12).



Match Bookings:✤ For every yellow card in a game we award 10 points, for every red card we award 25 points. There is a maximum make-up of 35 points per player.

Player Card Minutes:ℱ A spread for each player based on the minute that player receives a yellow card. 🧔If the player does not receive a yellow card during the match, the market makes up at 0. Red cards count double, with the maximum make-up per player 270. 

Cross Bookings:🐲 Team A's Total Bookings Points multiplied by Team B's Total Bookings Points.

Multi-Bookings:ജ 1st Half Match Bookings Points multiplied by 2nd Half Match Bookings Points.



Home/Away:𒈔 Predict the difference between total goals scored by the home teams and the total goals scored by the away teams over a group of matches. If the home teams scored 6 goals in total and the away teams scored 8 goals overall, the market would make-up at -2.

Total Goals:ꦇ Predict the combined number of goals scored across a number of matches. 

Fastest Goal:💖 The time, in minutes, of the fastest goal scored from a selected group of matches. 

Spreadex Bankers:🐭 A number of named teams are each awarded 25 points if they win, and an extra 25 points is awarded if all named teams win. Predict the combined points total for the named teams. If team A won, team B won and team C won the market would make-up at 100.



25:10 Index:🍌 Spreadex awards the winning team 25 points and the losing team receives zero. If the game is a draw, both teams receive 10 points. 

Team Performance:🍷 Spread based on the following occurring in a match: Win = 25 points, draw = 10, goal = 15, clean sheet = 10, each corner taken = 3, each yellow card = -5, each red card = -15.

Match Performance:🌸 Spread based on the following occurring in a match: Goal = 15, corner = 3, yellow card = 5, red card = 15, penalty awarded = 10, 0-0 draw = -25.

Team Mini Performance:෴ Spread based on the following occurring in a match: Win = 15 points, draw = 5, goal = 10, clean sheet = 5, red card = -15.



ꦉAs well as offering a huge selection of football spread betting markets, Spreadex also provides a full fixed odds football betting service with three Cash Out options for in-play betting.

𝕴You can find all your favourite fixed odds football bets such as Match Odds, Total Goals, Over /Under, Correct Score, Winning Margin, Half Time/Full Time, Handicap Result, Time of First Goal, First Goalscorer etc with prices displayed in fractional or decimal format.

🌄Click here to see our Fractional/Decimal Odds Conversion Table.

♋Click here to see our Guide to Accumulators and Multiples.



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