𓆏Profit from falling and rising prices on 1000s of global equities including AIM stocks with a market capitalisation of £5m+. 

𓃲Gain maximum exposure to the market while putting down only a portion of the full cost (leverage) using our spread betting or contracts-for-difference (CFD) products. 

We also offer out-of-hours trading on select UK, US and German shares.

 Why trade shares with Spreadex?

  • Best execution🌠 - we guarantee to give you the best price from our price feeds
  • Deal in small cap stocks including AIM with a market cap of £5m+
  • Choose from shares from over 15 different countries
  • Profits made from spread betting are free from Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty*


ꦿSee the market information for our available share spread betting markets.

🅺See the market information for our available share CFD markets. 

🦩See the most frequently asked questions on share trading with Spreadex.

💞See our Key Information Documents (KIDs) for trading on Shares. 


Best Execution

ꦦWe guarantee to give you the best price from our price feeds. 

Shares from 15+ countries

🎶Trade shares from around the UK, Europe, America and Asia.

AIM Stock Trading

꧒Trade AIM stocks with the experts, from a market cap of £1m+.


🍒Spread betting profits are free from Capital Gains Tax & Stamp Duty. 

Share Trading Guide

💝Share trading is the most common form of trading. A share is simply a fractional holding of a company. This gives traders an opportunity to buy and sell a share of a company that is listed on a stock exchange. 

There is a wealth of information online which allows you to research a particular company and industry when trading shares. You can see upcoming earnings releases here.

☂Traditionally you would only be able to trade shares through a stockbroker. However, spread-betting allows you to trade the price of a share directly rather than holding actual shares. This means you don't have to pay Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax, accountant or stockbrokers fees*. You can also bet against companies that you believe will under-perform with ease.

When you own shares (and also with spread betting) you will be paid out a dividend which represents your share in the profit. The dividend paid to shareholders hinges on how much of the profits are reinvested and how much management distributes to shareholders. ☂Find out more about receiving dividends when spread betting here. 

long exposure of london street

Spread betting Shares example

🌼See below for our example of spread betting on shares.

spread betting on equities diagram example

♌*Tax treatment depends on the individual, tax laws may change in future