ᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ⁤⁤⁤⁤ᩚ𒀱ᩚᩚᩚSpeculate on over 60 currency pairs including EUR/USD from 0.6 pts and GBP/USD from 0.9 pts. 

🔯Trade with the best execution in the industry - voted by traders as the 'Best for Efficiency of Taking Trades' in the Investment Trends Survey.

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Why trade Forex with Spreadex?

  • Low spreads from 0.6 pts on EUR/USD and 0.9 pts on GBP/USD
  • Voted by traders for 'Best for Efficiency of Taking Trades' in the Investment Trends Awards
  • Advanced technical analysis tools including Pattern Recognition, ProTrend Lines and advanced indicators plus drawing tools
  • 24 hour trading on most of our FX markets


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Low spreads

ཧTrade EUR/USD from 0.6pts and GBP/USD from 0.9pts. 

Best Execution

▨Voted by traders for 'Best for Efficiency of Taking Trades' in the Investment Trends Awards.

Advanced Charting

🦋Trade with advanced and automated technical analysis tools. 

24 hour trading

🍷Trade a majority of our FX pairs 24 hours a day Monday to Friday.


🔴Forex (or FX) trading is the trading of currencies on the forex market. Forex is simply an abbreviation of foreign exchange.

ওForex markets don’t have a central exchange are traded 24-hours a day Monday to Friday by businesses, banks and individuals. Due to the huge volume of currency trades, traders and external influencing factors forex markets can be very volatile.

𒁃With spread betting you are speculating on whether the price will go up or down. You do not own the actual underlying currency.

⛦When trading currencies you will trade a pair of currencies such as GBP/USD.  GBP in this case is the base currency and USD is the quote currency. In the case of GBP/USD you will be trading how many USD each £1 GBP will buy. If you think the base currency will strengthen you will buy, if you think it will weaken you will sell.



๊See below for an example of a FX spread bet on GBP/USD.